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    So I've got a Samsung S5 Active which keeps continually corrupting files on my SD card when ever I move files onto the micro SD, it usually ends up with some files that aren't corrupted and some files that are at a random rate, but at this point all the files end up corrupted. I initially thought it was an issue with drivers so to update them and instead of transferring the files through windows I tried through Kies. That didn't help, so I moved the files to move internal storage (which works fine) and then on through my phone onto the SD. Corrupted. I formatted the phone At this point I assumed it was an issue with the crappy generic micro SD card, so I went ahead and bought a Samsung EVO micro SD thinking itd be more reliable. The files are still getting corrupted, even after I retried all these troubleshooting methods. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Just as a note, the old micro SD card had an issue where it was write protected randomly for some unknown reason, but I resolved it by formatting the micro SD card by plugging it into my computer using a micro SD to SD adapter. I can't quite say for sure, but I believe it was after that that this issue started so the two may be related, though again I'm not quite sure.

    Thanks :3
    09-23-2015 02:09 AM

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