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    I just rooted my G4. Here's the problem. Any app I install that will both uninstall an app and restore it I'm having issues on the restore end. There is no exact info I can give you except to explain what's happening. Usually only the first file I uninstall will show up in the recycle bin and I can restore it. But sometimes nothing shows. If I try to uninstall more than one app, let's say three for example. In the recycle bin it will show that I uninstalled the FIRST app I chose to uninstall as ALL THREE listed. So Let's say I uninstall app's a, b and c. In the recycle bin instead of showing apps a, b and c, it will show three versions of a. This seems very odd to me.

    The thing Is I have troubleshooted this and I have used different uninstall/restore apps that do the exact same things as App Master/System app remover (root) etc. I evven tried others. but still have the same exact issue with all of these apps. And also within these apps I moved the backup folder and recycle bin locations to several different locations incliuding different locations both on both my external SD card and different locations within the external storage just to see if the location was the issue.

    The locations does not matter. The app does not matter. I have the same problems no matter where the locations for the backup and restore folders are and I have the same issues no matter which app I use. BTW I have no problems at all with installing apps from either the app store or anywhere else and also I even used an apk extractor before I turned my old phone in and extracted a lot of apps and installed those on my new phone via a folder in the external SD card and no problems with that. Also if I only uninstall one app with any of these uninstall/restore apps I CAN restore it.

    My fear is that I will one day need to restore an app, maybe a system app and because I have uninstalled many apps since then it won't even be listed in my recycle bin via these apps and I will be screwed. Have any of you even heard of anything like this before?

    I realize there could be work arounds such as periodically backing up ALL apks, but really that would be a hassle and I would just like these uninstall/restore apps to work like they should.

    Any Ideas? Thank you so much in advance guys.
    09-23-2015 11:03 AM
  2. pawprints86's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue with an s5 neo.

    Used app master uninstaller to uninstall system apps, thinking nothing of it as apps would uninstall and restore perfectly on my Samsung captivate glide. I went with a program I used and was reliable for a long time.

    I've been trying to reinstall the mtp application as my s5 neo won't be seen by my computer. I just wanted to transfer picture files which ended up on my internal storage cuz I forgot to change the setting in my camera app.

    My comp sees that something is there and charges it, but that's it.

    When I try restoring mtp thru the regular system, said it failed. When I try thru uninstall master, it says nothing and I ended up with a0.00kb app called mtpapplication that does nothing....

    08-06-2016 03:37 PM

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