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    LG G Flex turns off, won't turn back on unless you either (a) disconnect & reconnect battery or (b) plug it into a power supply

    Hello all,

    I recently installed a new battery in my LG G Flex. Super easy to do and only requires removing the backplate, removing two screws, disconnecting the old battery connector and connecting the new one. The problem is that ever since I did it, if I connect an external DAC/amp to my LG G Flex via the USB port (which drains the phone's battery) and if I surf the web at the same time, then sometimes My LG G Flex will do something really weird. It will turn off, and it won't turn back on unless you either (a) disconnect & reconnect battery or (b) plug it into a power supply. You could hold down the power button for a minute it won't do anything.

    Does anyone know why this might be? Clearly it has something to do with the new battery and using the DAC/amp -- but I never had this problem before and the battery is OEM (and seems fine) so wondering if anyone has insight into this.
    09-23-2015 11:04 PM
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    I am having this same problem, over a year after your inital post. Did you ever find the source of the issue? I thought my problem might have been related to how I installed the new battery, so I took it out and reinstalled it to find the issue didn't go away.
    11-04-2016 08:20 AM

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