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    I have a 16 GB nexus 5 purchased in December 2013. In the original KK OS proximity & light sensors worked fine.

    But ever since I upgraded to lollipop, I have observed that these sensors aren't working most of the time. (Screen won't turn off when I bring my phone to my ears, screen brightness won't adjust to ambient light, etc.) I download an app from play store which displays sensor data but it was also unable to show any data from proximity & light sensor. Both these sensors are from a vendor- Avago and HW version is 2.

    This problem was pretty severe immediately after 5.0 upgrade. After 5.1 upgrade it became less frequent. But after the last security patch from google, these sensors stop working 2-3 minutes after the device boots.

    My friend has a 32 GB Nexus purchased in 2014 with the same sensor HW. But he doesn't face this problem. (He has some other issues in his phone.)

    This is definitely not a HW issue because as soon as I flash KK image, everything starts working fine.

    Is anyone else facing this problem? Is there any way to fix this? (I suspect the fix would involve clearing data of an app,)

    09-24-2015 02:00 AM

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