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    Like you all "samsung freaks" know, there was an update like 2-3 weeks ago. last one was for me 3 days ago.

    I have a Samsung S5 and I havent TOUCHED ANYTHING in my notification center or so.

    Everything went smooth untill the 2nd update came...

    first off, im getting 1 email. for some reason on the top corner it shows 2? "mails" when there is only 1 in my box.... NEVER EVER had this issue before, was it 1 mail in my mailbox, then on the notification there was only 1....so it was correct..now its bugged as hell...

    another thing... everytime someone writed to me on kik, i had a little thing on top corner meaning it was a kik message.

    for some reason, this dosent appear anymore....?

    This means after that update something really went bad.....

    I updated a NEW version 3 days ago, thinking..ooh maybe its gonna fix it...so i updated and no success at all....

    guys...help me out...what to do? I havent been on "settings" on my phone for over 3 months since everything went smooth untill this hit me....so there is NO chance i changed ANYTHING.
    09-24-2015 07:38 AM

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