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    Hi there. My Samsung 12.2 Tablet is a little more than a year old (2 months out of warranty) 6 months into owning it, it started to flash over and over the more the battery drained. It would shut down halfway through the battery cycle and reset itself, not turning back on unless it was plugged in. I tried everything I could try I could find online to fix it but called Samsung, who ran me through the factor resets and then had me send it in. I got it back, but the same problem returned a few months later (still in warranty). The same process followed. Now, it's back to doing the same thing. However, Ever since I installed the new Lollipop update, it shuts down all applications because it says it's overheating. Essentially, the tablet is unusable. I've reinstalled the update and reset the tablet back to defaults - no change. I have no idea what was done both times when Samsung had it, but nothing has changed and now it's much worse. I feel like I've spent a lot of time trying to make it work, resetting it and reinstalling my apps and accounts and out of ideas. I don't know how to get Samsung and take this seriously and either fix it or replace it. Any ideas? Has anyone seen problems like these in their tablet? Thanks, CC
    09-24-2015 07:36 PM
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    I have exact same problems all of them as you do, and Only stops if I keep it plugged in.
    I have tried everything suggested in the forums, my tablet is 1 yr out of warrenty, I can't seem to get ant help either from Samsung, so many have this problem and contacted SAMSUNG, you would think they would do a RECALL ON THIS TABLET, STAND UP AND OWN THERE PROBLEM AND FIX IT , not just sweep it aside like we are all crazy..
    05-02-2016 02:18 PM
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    I would try one more try with Samsung. My "hunch" is that the battery's on both your devices might be at the end of its cycle. That's a hunch. You can try to find a local repair shop that would replace the battery.

    Another option, would be to Go to Sammoible.com Find your software for your specific model number. Use Odin to flash the original software. It's "possible" that the software might be corrupted, and in need of a re-flash.

    Hope this helps!

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    05-02-2016 02:35 PM
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    05-02-2016 02:37 PM

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