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    About 3 months ago i bought a new phone. I threw my old LG L70 in my drawer and have not touched it since. Well i forgot i had it and wanted to give it to a friend so i pulled it out of the drawer and pressed the power button. It came on for 1 sec and then went off again. So i figured that the battery was dead so i plugged it in and nothing. I have tried with a bunch of different chargers and no luck. The weird thing is when i plug it in the wall, if i take the battery out the screen comes on bright as day with the empty battery symbol with the caution with the question mark in it. If i put the battery back in it the screen goes back black and it vibrates. I ordered another battery from ebay and still nothing. Once in a while while its plugged in the wall i can click the power button and the battery with a zero will come up with the charging symbol may appear. And if i plug it into my comp it will make the device found noise but driver cannot be found. But it will make that little bo boup noise about every 15 seconds.. Any help would be awesome.
    09-24-2015 09:16 PM

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