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    I've been given a Samsung S3 gt-i9300. Android version 4.3. It's locked locked to 3. 3 offer a free unlocking service, HOWEVER, they are adamant it is unlocked and another unlock company hasrefunded me saying there is no unlock code. I've tried typing *#197328640# but nothing happens.... any suggestions please??
    09-25-2015 07:21 AM
  2. Anna Yu2's Avatar
    Try to visit https://www.unlockbase.com/ or go to this direct link https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-ph...ung/galaxy-s3/ With all Samsung Galaxy S3 Unlocking Code orders they usually deliver a complete set of unlocking codes. Most of the time you just need the Network Code (NCK) but when needed you'll also receive Unfreeze Code, Reset Key, or Service Provide Code. In the same email that includes your unlock code(s), you will also receive complete instructions on how to use it. Usually, you just insert the SIM card in the phone you want to use and the phone will prompt you for the unlock code. In case you need any assistance, our customer support is always there to answer any questions you might have.
    10-23-2015 01:13 AM

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