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    I am having a small crisis... I just switched from iphone 6 to OPT and i miss the IOS camera burst mode.

    I miss the easy of use of just letting the buttoned pressed... no lag, no multiple apps needed.
    I miss the carousel view for selecting the individual shots... i have no idea how to do that on my OPT.

    Could some one please help... I have been trying to download many camera apps but all seem to miss the carousel selecting feature, or not take individual shots as good.

    1.- I need an app that takes good pictures.
    2.- I really need an app with a good burst mode to take pictures of my young children.
    3.- I really really need a carousel view (like in IOS) of the burst mode to select the best shots... UPDATE:
    For everyone who do not understand what i am taking about... The feature that he talks about at 2:06... is exactly what i am missing. After taking a burst mode or burst shoot... this is the easiest way to select the good pictures.
    And i can select them when ever i please. not only immediately after like camera MX... i miss this... and I want to find a solution
    And i really really really need to have the 3 things mentioned above in 1 app... payed or free.

    Some one knows of an app that does the 3 things mentioned above?

    Otherwise i am afraid it could be a deal breaker.
    09-25-2015 06:40 PM

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