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    Hi, I have a Galaxy Tab 3 lite, about a month or so ago I started having problems with the internet connection dropping out all the time, even though I'm getting a very strong wifi signal. I have already read through the 15 pages of another thread on the same topic, but it is mostly people saying "Thanks! I fixed the date and now it's working perfect!" over and over. Anyway, the system date is fine and I looked at my router's time and it is also correct. So I'm sorry if you might have answered this on another thread and I just missed it.

    The same problem is happening with our Samsung smart tv, but not with two HP computers, a desktop and a laptop. They are both working fine.

    To get back on the internet, I just have to disconnect and reconnect the wifi, but sometimes it is only a minute or two before it happens again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?
    09-25-2015 07:04 PM

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