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    I recently had some issues with my lg g4 android software around the time of the last update with it not ringing etc. I reset it to factory default and now it rings again but it still has lingering suspicious behavior that I wanted to verify with other lg users if their phones currently have these same glitches.

    1) Turn off location services and put your phone into airplane mode and restart the device. a) Does it prompt you with a header of "note" asking whether you want to keep airplane mode off? If so, click no and check your location services. Did they mysteriously just turn on without your consent?

    2) Has anyone else's phone forced an update? I was prompted that I had to connect to WiFi to download the latest Android update. I selected later. Then the next day when I turned on my phone I noticed the following in order:
    1) NSF mode had turned itself on.
    2) I turned it off and the phone prompted me that it was going to download the latest software update (not a request but a notification).
    3) I immediately turned off WiFi, but it kept downloading so then I turned on airplane mode, after which the phone immediately prompted me whether I wanted to stay in airplane mode (that stupid note). So I tried to power off my device. I thought successful until it rebooted on me and downloaded this alleged update anyway without my immediate consent!

    If anyone has experienced either of these occurrences I would be glad to know or if you think this is abnormal and something weird is up with my phone and its software I'd also like to know so I can fix.
    09-27-2015 09:19 PM

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