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    I use Nexus 5 and sync my contacts with a gmail account. The other day I woke up to my contacts being synced with all other app contacts like, Skype, other email accounts etc.

    1.So I went to my gmail and saw the contacts were a total of 600, i exported them to a .vcf file.

    2.On my phone, i deleted all contacts(above 1000) and imported the .vcf . Now I had 600 contacts each on my phone and in my gmail .

    3.The sync was good. I even tested with adding and deleting a contact on phone and the same happened on my gmail too. Everything was perfect.

    But for my nightmare, after an hour of this, the contacts on my phone came down to 565!!! its still 600 on gmail. I have no idea whats happening!
    09-28-2015 05:43 AM

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