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    Ive had a Tab S 8.4 but now i refunded it as i have replaced the device TWICE now because it was so buggy and defective and i have a week to decide whether ill risk it and bet for luck buying it again but might have another problem with the device or get a z3 TC.

    I am asking this if it is worth buying a z3 tc but i just love the 2k screen of my tab S but the thing is, it has so much bloatware and especially the 5.0 update taking so much of its space and a very laggy OS and even apps. But i only really use it to watch animes and all that. However if i get the z3 tc it is more durable and easy to hold, better speaker, waterproofing, lag free a faster processor, very light and thinner. But the thing that is holding me back on buying z3 tc is that i am basically sacrificing my screen and camera for the good features listed above, the tab S has an amazing camera btw as it has excellent colour reproduction and even beats my xperia Z 13MP camera! But the risk on getting a Tab S is that i might still get so much bugs on it and lag but a very good screen for watching or streaming. It is very hard to hold while streaming anime on landscape as i mostly accidentaly press the action keys and also the buttons easily get pushed in to the tablet itself meaning the volume up is soft to press but volume down is hard to press as it has sinked inside.

    Is there any really difference to the screen of super amoled 360 ppi Tab S and Triluminous ips 280ppi Z3 TC? If yes then pls show me a picture comparing them and would highly be appreciated, Thanks!
    09-28-2015 10:25 AM

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