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    I am planning to buy another tablet to replace the previous two tablets that I have owned. I am familiar with the Android tablets since I first bought my first one as a birthday gift nearly three years ago. The first one was bought from a Big Lots and its manufacturer is Proscan. It lasted less than a year because the AC adapter jack for the charger broke and the internal battery does not charge much as it used to. It also does not include Google Play and its instruction manual included with the item is very jibberish. A year later, I went to Walmart and bought a slightly powerful tablet named HiSense Sero 7 Lite. It has the latest Android OS(Jelly Bean) and runs more apps than the Proscan. Then, unfortunately only a few months later, the device freezes after nearly 20 minutes of usage, then turns off by itself. The problem worsened when it only operates for just under five minutes before shutting itself off automatically. Now, it only barely makes it after the "Hisense SMART" logo during bootup. I was frustrated, because not only that those two tablets worked for only nearly a year, but it was a waste of money. These two tablets are believed to be coming from a manufacturer from China, and I was leery about such devices being made from that country.

    I am now about to buy myself another tablet, the third one in two years. But before making a final decision, I am doing some research on the two tablets I am deciding on: Lenovo Tab 2 A8 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Both of them have very positive reviews, according to Bestbuy.com, but I need to know these important questions before making a final decision.

    How good are both Lenovo and Samsung brands?
    Would they both run Google Play?
    Are all apps available on Google Play(including gaming) compatible with either tablets, since both of them have Android 5.0(Lollipop) pre-installed?
    Is the battery replaceable?

    I need an opinion from the community before I make my purchase. I do not want to make the same mistake by buying another junk tablet manufactured from a junk company, knowing that there will be defects down the road.
    09-28-2015 12:37 PM

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