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    I am using an old Galaxy S2 that formerly had Android 2.2 or something. Only a few apps worked on this "old" system, and the ones I did have kept trying jam updates down my throat that didn't even work. I got so tired of it I went through a 4-hour procedure updating the device manually to an Android 4.4.

    Step 1 was to backup the phone, so I copied all the files onto my computer. This included a 00001.vcf file that appeared to be all my contacts.

    However, when I retrieved the contacts from this file and load contacts saved to my Google accounts, most of the phone numbers are missing, there's just email addresses. Some contacts are missing altogether. Nothing else in the files I saved seem to have any contacts in them. So, is there any way to retrieve contacts not saved in a Google Account? And how the heck is anyone supposed to actually backup their contacts files if there's no access to them from a connected computer?

    I assume by the utter lack of user control of contact files, coupled with the engineered obsoletion of all Android devices that makes them impracticable as connected devices after as little as 2-3 years, that Google's phones are purposefully designed to destroy your contacts unless you purposefully and individually back up each one to your "Google Account" where they can be sold to world governments to discern your circle. This is not my first Android "update" and every single time I've lost contacts one way or another, which is a great help in choosing what my next device will be.
    09-28-2015 02:56 PM

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