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    Hello all. I am looking to get a new phone. I will be with Sprint and I am interested in trying out a phablet finally. I'm mainly looking at the Note 5 and LG G4 right now. The price difference is obviously there, and while it's not really an issue... it's also not not an issue. I want to be able to justify the extra $150 price (for the contract).

    My HTC One from 2.5 years ago is still working fine but my upgrade is up and I want something new to play with. I use my phone constantly but do not really do anything complicated with it. I pretty much just text, look at facebook, take a few pictures, use the flashlight, alarm... basically, I probably wouldn't utilize any fancy features. I mean.. maybe I would if I had them? I do mobile gaming fairly often, but I mostly do it on my tablet because I prefer the larger screen.

    Removable battery is not an issue for me. I do not need a ton of memory. I do not watch a lot of movies or listen to music often with my phone. So should I just get the LG G4 since I am not some business person with a busy schedule and needs all this extra stuff? Or should I get it just because its pretty but I'd probably be perfectly content with the LG G4?

    Also, if i am a girl with small hands is it going to feel too big? Or hard to use? Ok I just realize that sounded really dirty but.. you know what I mean. I mean, my tablet doesn't feel too "big" but I also don't carry it around with me when I'm out and about or use it to make phone calls.
    09-29-2015 12:11 AM

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