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    I have been running my Galaxy Note 3 on Android 4.3 and have been nervous of upgrading as I know that there are real problems syncing work exchange server 2007 email and calendar on Lollipop. I am really fussy, I'm afraid and want the following features: emails for exchange and my personal gmail on separate apps (I avoid work emails at home where poss and don't want to accidentally view work emails when looking at gmail - it's a long story...) and also a single calendar app showing both work and Google calender in one place (preferably with month view and a widget for the front screen). This sounds very fussy and specific but this is the set up I have on 4.3 with S Planner, gmail app and the stock email app for exchange and it all works brilliantly. Now I need to upgrade (phone unreliable since taking a dip) and will be stuck with Lollipop. Are the exchange sync issues limited just to Samsung?
    09-29-2015 05:39 AM
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    Get whatever phone you like. I always recommend Nexus units or others running plain vanilla Android or very close to it like the Moto X. With Nexus phones the default email app is Gmail. You could keep using it as always. I'm not aware if the Moto phones include another email app or just Gmail, like the Nexus.

    For Exchange, no matter what you buy, I wouldn't count on being able to use the included email app, especially f you buy a Samsung. Whatever you buy if the included email app doesn't work out for you for Exchange, try another email app that supports Exchange and contacts and calendar sync. If you need full ActiveSync support, Nine or Touchdown are good choices. If you only need EWS or IMAP support for Exchange, AquaMail is excellent and has calendar and contacts sync. AquaMail is the best, most customizable and secure email client I've ever seen.



    09-29-2015 07:58 AM

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