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    Hi all,

    So it's getting to that time again - phone upgrade! My phone upgrade is due in December (though I may be able to get this pulled back to November as I've been with O2 for some time now) and I'm completely stumped what device to go for.

    I know one thing is for certain, I'm sticking with Android (probably the best thing to say on an Android-based forum eh?). I've tried out the Samsung S6 (and Edge) but I'm not keen on either simply because of the layout and all of the things I'm never going to use like the fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor etc.

    I currently have a HTC One M7 which has been great but I've had a few problems with software not playing right and also issues with the camera overheating and giving every photo I've taken for the past year or so a purple hue (due to the overheating chip issue which I understand is common with HTC). Therefore because of these problems and because HTC hasn't really moved on with their phones really since the M7, I'm unlikely to go for the M9.

    I quite like the look of the Nexus phones but understand that a new one is imminent and am therefore unsure whether the new phone will be worth waiting for or whether I just go with something else for now.

    So, some wants:

    - Ideally I want a decent front and back camera as I'm a keen photographer but always seem to be without my SLR when the opportunity arises, or it's just too bulky to carry around all the time

    - I tend to play some of the latest games on my phone so want something with a bit of grunt when it comes to processor power

    - I don't want to pay any upfront costs if I can help it, though I may stretch to £30 if it's a phone I really, really like

    - I'm hoping to upgrade my phone to something that doesn't cost a ton per month - for example on O2 I'm currently on £35 a month for Unlimited texts, 600 minutes and 750mb data. Data should ideally be around 1-2GB at least but I don't want to pay anymore than what I do currently if I can help it.

    Any thoughts?

    09-29-2015 06:54 AM
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    Not sure how it is where you are but the Verizon Note 5 can be had for less than $300 usd with no service contract and 0% financing for 24 months. You can check with your carrier for the available promotions.

    Sent from my Verizon iPhone 6s Plus
    09-29-2015 07:47 AM

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