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    Hi . I have a samsung galaxy next turbo (GT-S5570L) which was originally Gingerbread. I have succesfully upgraded it to jellybean plus. However when trying to upgrade to kitkat something went wrong and I think I bricked my phone. On recovery mode when I tried wipe data/factory reset a message displays
    E:Can't mount/cache/recovery/log
    E:Can't open/cache/recovery/log
    E:Can't mount/cache/recovery/last log
    E:Can't open/cache/recovery/last log

    Moreover, when pressing install zip from sd card, it says installation complete, but when pressing apply update from sd card, it says installation aborted. On rebooting the device it won't load. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Thanks.
    09-29-2015 02:38 PM

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