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    Hi there,

    I recently switched from a Galaxy S3 mini to a Galaxy A3. I rely heavily on calendar reminders and I used to use aCalendar and the stock Samsung app which I found perfect - the particular feature that worked for me was that snoozed reminders were added to a list on the notification screen, which would say, for example, '12 events' and preview the first couple. This would also only leave one icon in the status bar.

    On my new phone I'm getting individual notifications which remain individual, rather than condensing into a list, and both the Samsung Calendar and the aCalendar app are giving multiple individual status bar notifications, meaning that after five or six reminders, the status bar is taken up. I've tried a variety of other apps to see if they behave in the same way and they seem to. I've not customised the phone tremendously but I'm at a loss as to whether the change is caused by the new OS, or by apps. Any help gratefully appreciated!
    09-29-2015 02:51 PM

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