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    I started out on a Nexus 4 and absolutely adored it. Love everything about it. After 2-3 years, it got old in the tooth and the battery was dying. Heard a lot of great stuff about the Xperia Z3, so I took a dive. Best thing about it is definitely the battery life. However, I hate the "look and feel" of it. I hate not having stock Android, and I hate the form factor. It just doesn't sit well in the hand.

    Is Nexus 5X the best move for me? Or is there something else out there that would fit my intense desire to get a true upgrade to the N4?
    09-29-2015 07:19 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar

    It's hard to comment on the new Nexus devices as they are just out and no one has properly reviewed them yet. Maybe wait a couple of weeks and read the reviews to see how the battery life compares to your Z3 (Sony phones have brilliant battery life) if you needed a phone right now and can't wait I would suggest the Moto X pure / style - it's near stock Android.
    09-30-2015 03:58 AM
  3. iusemyfingers's Avatar
    I have to agree with you on some of the stuff, the battery life is definitely awesome. I jumped the boat and pre-ordered the 6P.

    Me personally I wouldn't leave a Z3 for the 5X. The only important thing imo that will really matter to me between those two is the software. I would be more than happy to deal with the Z3 for a couple more months- save money and wait to make a wiser decision on what my next true upgrade would be.

    My concern is the 5X. It has a smaller battery battery than the Z3 and I don't know how much yet M with Doze and all its goodness will do well as far as battery life and SOT goes. I personally would be reluctant with a purchase like this.
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    09-30-2015 04:40 AM

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