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    I was eligible for an upgrade through Verizon and I just ordered a Nexus 6. I've had Notes for the last 2 years. However, i wanted to experience stock Android and I'd also read that it is easier to root a Nexus (is this true?). I've never rooted before but want to with this next phone. Anyhow, I know that the Note 5 has a few more ppi on its display, 1 GB more RAM, etc., but as far as being able to root and customize, would you also go with the Nexus 6? (I know i said i just ordered, but there is a return policy. Also, i really would've gone with the Nexus 6P but apparently that won't be carried by networks and i don't want to pay THAT much (i.e. the non-discounted price), so really for me the choices are between the Nexus 6 and the Note 5.)

    09-29-2015 10:44 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Good choice with the Nexus 6. Yeah Nexus phones are built to be tinkered with so if you want to root a phone, I would always suggest a Nexus device. The Nexus 6 is a brilliant device, big, but nice. Don't worry about the Note 5 having more ppi's you honestly won't notice the difference.
    09-30-2015 03:45 AM

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