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    Just purchased a good looking but random phone Kazam Tornado 348.
    I have an odd issue with Snapchat. I can send short video sequences but if they get longer than a couple of seconds they image becames almost a complete black screen with some funny pixels in the corners. I do think this is some codex problem that occurs because snapchat can't deal with the high resolution from the phone.

    Anyway this makes my Snapchat useless and I've spent around 8 hours now to try to fix this..

    Do anyone here know anything I could do? Maybe if I just could change how the phone speaks to Snapchat, if it could just film in lower definition.

    I have already:

    *Reinstalled the app
    *Tested Snapchat Beta
    *Tested earlier Snapchat versions
    *Tested with both 3G and Wifi
    *Changed video-settings in the camera app
    *Changed the default camera app
    *Mailed Snapchat without any good answer

    09-30-2015 08:22 AM

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