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    I ordered a Nexus 6 directly from Google and have been using it on AT&T while I waited for Project Fi approval. I originally requested my invite to Project Fi on August 8 and was approved last night - September 29. I need a few things cleared up related to my Google Voice number as apparently I will 'lose this' if / when I switch to Project Fi.

    Here is my current setup / questions. I use Google Voice in this capacity:

    - On my cell phone, I make and receive all of my calls within the USA by using my cell number which was provided by AT&T. The 'only' thing I use Google Voice on my phone is for the free long distance calling to Canada. This means when I dial a long distance number to Canada using my cell phone number, it looks like the call is automatically routed through Google's phone exchanges because I have Google Voice configured on my phone (I believe the caller ID on the far end shows my cell phone number - not my Google Voice number).

    - I also use my Google Voice for phone service in my home. To explain, I have purchased a OBi110 (from Obihai) and have provisioned this using my Google Voice number - this way I have 'home service'. I basically only use this service to dial into work conference calls, provide this number to my utility companies, my family can use this to make and receive calls when they visit, etc. I also have my Google Voice number set up to simultaneously ring my cell number.

    So if I switch to Project Fi, does this mean I can still keep my Google Voice number in my home on OBi110? If I lose the ability to use the Google Voice features on my cell phone (free long distance), but can keep my Google Voice number in my home, that will not be a problem and I will make the switch.

    Thanks in advance!
    09-30-2015 10:07 AM

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