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    OK so I have a Galaxy S6 Edge on AT&T running 5.1.1. and ive had this problem since I believe the S5, heres an example, Im playing music through the google play music app and (it happens so much!) suddenly the EQ shuts off and the music goes flat and sounds awful so I have to restart the music or use a task killer that for some reason turn it back on, I don't know if this is an app, os, or Samsung problem but it happens much to often. I know I cant be the only one with this problem, since its happened to me with multiple phones and multiple OS versions, please someone help me out, maybe a way to set a persistent notification for the EQ (stock Samsung EQ, have UHQ on and bass and treble boost on)? Ive found maybe one post on this but for the S4, if this is an issue that I have just never heard before but has been known by the community, could you please give me some info? Thanks everyone
    09-30-2015 11:43 AM

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