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    I was just going through the Voice Recorder app on my Verizon Samsung S5 and found that, somehow and to my delight, several voicemails had somehow been transferred to the Voice Recorder app (the basic app that it already pre-installed on the phone). I was happy because I could then email them to myself and save them. I have several messages I desperately want to save but haven't been able to figure out how. Now I can't figure out how those particular voicemails were saved to Voice Recorder and I don't know how to duplicate the action for the remaining voicemails in my Verizon voicemail inbox. Does anyone know how I do this? The only options I can find under settings on the specific voicemail are "save, reply, view contact, upgrade to premium and settings." If I save it simply saves it to my phone (I'm honestly not sure where as the text that flashes up explaining where it has been stored is too quick for me to read). I have some extremely sentimental voicemails I desperately want to keep and was hoping someone could help me figure out how I somehow managed to save so many random voicemails to Voice Recorder and how I can purposefully do this again? Anyone have any idea?

    Thank You,

    09-30-2015 02:20 PM

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