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    I am pretty sure it is beyond help after reading ...

    forums. androidcentral. com/ samsung-galaxy-s3 / 298506-my-samsung-galaxy-s3-won-t-turn. html (sorry I don't have enough post for links)

    however, I was hoping maybe there is a new solution that has come up in the last year.


    S3 will not turn on.

    First noticed - playing game, screen turned off. Would not turn back on. Power button unresponsive when held down continuously.

    Took out battery, put it back in. Phone automatically vibrates and displays the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen and then turns off. Leads to totally unresponsive phone. (ie screen off, every button does nothing, no indicator lights)

    Attempts to fix and results

    Recovery Mode - battery out, then back in, press home and volume up... Recovery mode text displayed in blue, leads to GSIII screen displayed, screen goes black (off actually), phone unresponsive

    Download Mode - battery out, back in, home and volume down, ... Warning given about loading custom OS ... if do nothing ... screen off then unresponsive, if hit volume up then load download screen appears ... then screen off unresponsive

    taking out battery and plugging in charger .... red indicator light appears, phone vibrates then nothing

    putting battery in and plugging in charger ... phone vibrates, brief display of battery (empty with loading symbol in middle) then nothing

    plugging in charger then putting in battery ... combination of the above two in that order.

    Same results with sim card in or out

    Anyone have any ideas or is the phone no longer have any cheap ways to fix it?
    09-30-2015 01:33 PM
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    Have you tried a new battery?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-30-2015 05:04 PM

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