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    After installing latest update phone turns off when turning off Bluetooth. I use bluetooth frequently. When I brought phone to Verizon they wouldn't help me, they said yes we sold you the phone but not the programing. So NO you can't replace phone even though it's not functioning properly. Ring tones on zedge app also ring without a caller. Ghost ringing I call it. Verizon says go to android for your issues. It's not us.

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    09-30-2015 09:59 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Was this an official system update pushed over-the-air by Verizon? If that's the case, then it is their responsibility, since it's their update. But if you manually installed an update that you downloaded from some website, then they aren't responsible for that.

    Try wiping the cache partition. If that doesn't help, try booting into Safe Mode. Steps for both are here: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-10404
    09-30-2015 10:25 PM

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