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    I had to upgrade to the LG G4 a few days ago and I'm having some struggles. Whenever the phone is on a charger and I receive any notifications (FB, SMS, messenger, anything), the screen stays on and just dims. I set the screen to turn off at 15 seconds, but I didn't realize that this was happening and wake up to a phone at 12% despite being on the OEM charger all night. Is there anything that can be done to turn it off? I'm used to my Samsung S5/Kitkat (I refused to update), so this whole LG/Lollipop thing is not my forte. I tried turning off the daydream setting, and that hasn't helped. I really don't want to set it to no interruptions, but that seems to be the only other thing I can figure out to do.

    Also, I'm losing about 1% battery for about every 2 min that I use the phone off the charger - this seems a bit excessive considering the reported ideal usage time is supposed to be 12-15 hours. I do watch some videos and send a lot of messages, but my S5 held a charge better than this even after a year of using it. I've had it on/off a standard 2 amp usb charger all day (my quick charger hasn't arrived yet) and it only charges about 5-10% per hour and has been wallowing around 15% all day. I close apps regularly and don't have any widgets or motion wallpapers or anything running in the background and keep the screen brightness around 25-35% to avoid running the battery down even faster. Any suggestions??

    Another question - the G4 is apparently not set up for Qi charging, so will my wireless card from my S5 work at all, though slowly, or would it be best to just replace all of my charging pads with quick charging cables?

    I'm seriously debating going back to an S5, since I need that replaceable battery, even though it will cost several hundred dollars to do so. I adored that phone, but after it got stuck in a continuous reboot, I let Verizon convince me that going to the G4 was a better (and more cost effective) option.

    10-01-2015 01:05 PM
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    If the screen is always on I would ensure you don't have that option tic'd within the Developer Options.
    10-01-2015 03:02 PM
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    It used to be in security along side trust outside sources, or something like that. Anyway the option you're looking for is always on while charging. With the HTC you have to go thru a few steps to unlock these developers options, although saying that always on shouldn't be one selected by default.

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    10-01-2015 06:30 PM

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