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    Last night, there was a dialog box which says something like "Unfortunately, the process.android.process.acore has stopped" Im guessing it's because I have been abusing my phone's memory way too much.

    So, I searched at google, and someone said I have to hard reset my phone, since after the dialog box, it kept showing up even after I clicked ok many times. So, i pressed the Power and Volume Down until Select Language menu came up. I clicked "Wipe data and cache". After that, i rebooted my phone.

    When it was on, i noticed that some apps were missing, like Google Play Store, Google Play Games, Google Play Music, Chrome, etc. But, Google Play Newsstand and Books was still there. I tried to restart it, and did a factory reset to it, but nothing happened. So, I decided to download the Google Play Store from apkmirror. But, it couldn't connect to the internet ( my phone was connected to my wi-fi ). I uninstalled it, and clicked "Get Google Play services" from Hangouts.

    But it still didn't work and I can't uninstall it. Please help me :"D
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    10-02-2015 12:23 AM

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