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    Hi. I have a 2 years old mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 with Android version 4.3, JellyBean.

    Around 6-7 months ago I started to realize that my phone started to operate very slowly as if 10-20 apps are running in the background.

    One possible reason is that I had so many unnecessary apps were installed in my phone, but I uninstalled all of them (and I deleted the cache for them at the same time), but it continued being slow even after this big "clean-up".

    Now I am cheching the memory, and the information in the phone is like:
    Total internal memory = 16 GB (no external memory).
    System memory = 4,56 GB
    Used memory = 6,50 GB
    Cache data = 1,35 GB
    Available memory = 3,54 GB

    There is total 1 GB RAM. 772 MB is in use and around 90 MB is available.

    I guess that this small 90 MB ram is slowing down my phone. But I don't use any application now. Those apps which are running in the background are just Facebook, and some Google processes. Their total RAM useage doesn't exceed 100 MB (I can see the list).

    So does anyone have any idea about what happened with my phone?
    Thanks in advance...
    10-02-2015 01:56 PM

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