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    my LG volt gave me a notification that said I have an update, I pressed install and it restated and as if I turned it off but then it turn off and on again but after the LG logo displayed, for a split second I can see the andriod update icon then it turn off, the process restart the whole process i'm so confused I tried factory reset multiple times no luck. If anyone could help me I would be greatful.
    10-02-2015 04:00 PM
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    Did you interrupt the update process? Updates can take awhile and must run their course interrupting an update can cause your device to malfunction and attempts at factory resetting a partial update are likely to fail because the image which it is trying to restore is corrupt or incomplete. No Android that I know of will allow updates if your power level is below 30%, but if you have a drying battery that rapidly depletes the update could have overwhelmed it and caused it to shutdown prematurely in which case there may be little that can be done. Your best hope is to try and get the system up and hope the update resumes or that you can check for the update again and it shows up as available otherwise you may be stuck with a brick. Alternately you could attempt to root if you don't have insurance. If you're reaching the bootloader it should be possible and then you could install a factory version of the OS and go from there. If you have insurance it should cover this as either a replaceable or repairable event since it really wasn't your fault that the update failed.

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    10-02-2015 04:54 PM

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