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    I charge my phone to 100% everyday and before I go to school at 9, I would turn off all apps, 0% resolution, and clean up unwanted data. Comes home at 5 and there is only 10% battery left. I never use my phone unless there is an emergency, and I would use the phone with 0% resolution in the sunlight. I want to delete the many bloatware that aren't needed in the phone but I can't since my phone is not rooted. I can't root my phone because I have a mac and they can't connect no matter what I try. I am a developer on my G3 and debugging doesn't work with my Mac. I reset my entire setting to default and still can't debug. I don't even use my G3 anymore unless I sit next to my charger everyday. My G3 is a complete waste of space right now and don't have money to get a new phone. Really appreciate some help on how I can debug the USB, how to root, and how to disable bloatware.
    10-02-2015 10:08 PM
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    First, what do your battery usage stats reveal to be the users of charge during such a period? Also, what are your signal and awake times like?

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    10-03-2015 12:50 AM

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