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    I recently got a Galaxy Note 5 and everything has been working fine. I just put the car mode app on it and turned the car mode on. It pushed all the icons on my phone to the top half of the screen and put soft buttons along the bottom. None of those soft keys worked when I pressed them, and along with that, my home button and the tab button to the left of it wouldn't work for me. I uninstalled the car mode app, rebooted my device, and all the icons were back in their normal place. The only problem was that the home and tab buttons were still not working for me. I know the buttons themselves are still operational, because when I press the tab button the phone still buzzes, and when I press the home button it wakes the phone up. However, that's all that happens. Anyone know of something I can do to fix this?
    10-02-2015 09:38 PM
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    My wife had a similar issue recently. She installed Car Mode, got freaked out because Lookout pronounced it "riskware," and uninstalled it. Her home and recent apps buttons were not working after that.

    I did a little playing around with it, Web searches, etc. Eventually I reinstalled it for her, then used the app's exit button to leave the app. Everything works as normal now.

    Maybe if you try that, assuming you're still having this issue, that'll fix it for you as well.

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    10-12-2015 03:21 PM
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    I have a problem with the home button on my Tab S. It usually takes several presses before it works. This has been happening since upgrading to Lollipop 5.02 (from 4.4.2) in June but is getting worse. I have already factory reset the device but no improvement. Also I dont have the Car Zone app already mentioned.

    Any suggestions as to a remedy.

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    10-15-2015 05:48 AM

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