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    I have a major discount through Verizon on buying new phones, and an update discount available starting October 15th. I really want a Nexus 6P, but I hear rumors that Google is not going to make them available through carrier stores. Does anyone know if this is true? I really don't want to have to pay full price for a new phone if I can get it significantly discounted.
    10-03-2015 03:42 PM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    If the Moto x and the recent announcement by Verizon about no longer subsidising phones (only non-retail price phones from them are on Edge now if I recall) are any indication, it sounds like Verizon is getting away from the discounted phone sales model.

    In fact, I just looked at the site and there are 2 options - monthly payment and full retail.

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    10-03-2015 04:21 PM

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