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    As i said before, Every time i play a video on Youtbe or Facebook or even in the same device, my phone resets just after the loading is done and just before the video plays. i have a samsung galaxy s4 mini (Sch I-435) and this issue came out of no where like literally, A day go was fine and then the other just show this issue. (I did not downloaded any new app's the day before the issue showed up) It's been three days now since i have this problem. I've Been looking for a solution and have found nothing. I have tried, wiping out all the data and cache resulting in a total formatting data of the device. It didn´t solve the problem. So... if this happened to any of you and you have a solution. PLEASE let me know. I'll be so so grateful! I'm desespered, I will even try any idea or occurrense you guys come out and let you know if the problem got fixed.
    10-04-2015 03:06 AM

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