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    in my stock Galaxy S5 the Geotagging Feature sometimes just turns off automatically. When i take a few pictures with GPS tagging on, this works great.
    But 2 hours later, or 2 weeks later, i see that then new taken photos have no GPS tags.
    I don't know the trigger and i cannot retrace the problem!
    I had the suspicion it could be the energy saver mode which turns it off - and doesn't turn it back on after deactivating. I tried this, but there's no affect. The GPS feature itself is never deactivated manually. I tried using the camery on my lock screen (there the Geotagging is always off - this is also very enerving....) and then use the "normal camera" again, but then the Geotagging is again on.
    I tried to low my battery, to look if this has an effect on the setting - but: nothing changes!

    There is no explanation - it works for days and weeks - and then - without a reason it's just deactivated.
    This is very annoying, if you are on holidays and you see after a few days, that all your photos aren't tagged :-(
    But looking at the setting every time is very enerving, especially because in works for days and weeks until it turns off...

    Perhaps someone has a solution to solve this?
    It would be great, if there was a mode "FORCE GPS-Tags everytime, everywhere".
    I dont want so save battery, it would be better for me, if the battery is empty and the phone goes off, than having pictures without gps-tags - if it is a battery problem?

    Thanks in advance,
    10-04-2015 08:45 AM

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