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    I have just got a new Galaxy j5, my first Samsung phone. I have questions about the gallery.
    When I take photos, it puts them in the gallery & syncs with my gmail account. However I want to organise the photos into folders. So I set up a folder & click on the picture(s) & click on 'more' in the top right & click 'move to album', which it does.
    However then I click back to the main gallery page & the pictures are still there on the main gallery page.
    So I delete one & OMG it deletes it from the folder as well.

    Is there a way I can move pictures into folders & they are only seen when going into that folder, or will they always be on the main gallery page regardless?

    My Google Photos folder does this too, just quietly.

    TIA for advice
    10-05-2015 03:32 PM
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    Use a file manager (ES File Explorer, Total Commander). Make the folders you want. Copy the picture files to the appropriate folders (cvopy, don't move - if a move goes bad you could lose the file). If the file gets copied properly, delete the original. (If there's a problem, the original is still there.) (BTW, all your pictures should be backed up to at least a computer [desktop or laptop] if you have one and a cloud account, or 2 cloud accounts. All important files should be. It's difficult recovering files if the phone gets driven over or stolen.)

    Now run Gallery and you'll find the pictures in folders named for the last folder in the tree that the file is in. (IOW, if a picture file is in /DCIM/Camera/Vacations/Canada, the folder in Gallery will be Canada. So be careful that you don't also have /DCIM/Camera/Lakes/Canada, because they'll be in a folder named Canada too - you'll have 2 folders in Gallery with the same name.)
    10-05-2015 05:35 PM

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