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    I just got a new LG Lucid today and a few mintues after using it a screen came up asking me if I wanted to update. It said it would make my phone perform better and so I did it. After I updated I saw that I only had 3.64 GBs left when I originally had 8. I believe the update took up a ton of my room and I want it back. Is there a way to uninstall the update or get rid of it? I've tried a hard reset and that didn't work and I don't have an SD card.
    10-05-2015 02:54 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    You can't uninstall an update, all you can do is install the previous version. (The update doesn't get added on, it totally replaces the older version.)

    You could try to wipe the system cache and the app cache. If that doesn't help, and you have everything backed up (you always should - it's difficult to recover things if your phone gets driven over), you could try a factory reset.
    10-05-2015 04:21 PM

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