1. Mydroid2's Avatar
    I have 262 photos on my phone. When I go into the cloud, only three show up right away, i literally have to touch on a blank photo and then it will load slowly. On the cloud, shouldn't all photos be there automatically?
    10-05-2015 07:33 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    First, do you have Google Photos Backup turned on? Open your Google Photos app, swipe in from the left, tap Settings>Backup & Sync, and make sure it's turned on. Also check the details for the backup, to see if it's set to backup only when on wi-fi, or on wi-fi and mobile data. Now go back to the main Photos screen, swipe in from the left, and tap Device Folders. Make sure the cloud icon next to each folder that you want to upload is blue. If it isn't, tap it, and that folder will be selected to auto-backup.
    10-06-2015 12:35 AM

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