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    Hello, I have an Android 4.0.4 from cricket, they don't want to help me, because I'am no longer a customer, since march 2014 that my phone is not good any more, because they change to 4G, and my phone is 3G, well my question is, why I can't see my phone in my PC, I try different ways, with softwares, roms, and still is the same, how I can format and re-install it, by the way is a CDMA, Thank you.
    10-06-2015 08:04 PM
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    You say you've tried ROMs? So have you rooted this phone?

    The simple answer is, make sure you have a good cable to connect between the phone and PC, when plugged in open the my computer folder and look for a removable drive that shows some storage, I'm assuming at least windows 7. If it doesn't appear there go to the maker's web page, 4.0.4 is an OS not a device so not sure where to direct you nor can I help by offering you a link, and see what support they offer. Chances are even though it's an older device they haven't pulled the drivers for it. If you can't find the drivers there try Googling the make and model of the phone. If installing the drivers don't get the phone to show up, assuming here again that you must have and be using Wi-Fi, go to the Play Store and get a Wi-Fi file explorer. Most when connected to a Wi-Fi network generate a web address that you look up on your PC in your browser. From there you can transfer files back and forth wirelessly.

    If you're rooted all bets are off. GL

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    10-06-2015 08:55 PM

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