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    I recently purchased a LG G4 as a replacement for my Nokia Lumia 1520 which has pretty much dead battery.
    and I really want to transfer my SMS from the Lumia to the G4, but it seems impossible with their contacts+SMS backup app only backups in .msg and it's pretty much useless to transfer outside of the Windows ecosystem.

    *Not sure if this question belongs to WindowsCentral or AndroidCentral, but I'll be so grateful if you can help me out! Thanks
    10-06-2015 11:05 PM
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    Don't mean to bump this thread, but after digging around, I've found out a solution that I'd like to share for future usages.

    - If you use Win10Mo you have to reverse back to WP8.1, in order to use Transfer My Data app and its "Export to SD Card" function.

    - In WP8.1, go to Transfer My Data app, on the FIRST SCREEN, go to the "..." at the right bottom corner and choose "Export to SD Card" and follow instruction, should not take long. After that a file .vmsg was created.

    - Next step is to email the file to yourself to transfer that file over to android phone.

    - On the android, mine was the LG G4 on Lollipop 5.1, dl the free app "VMG Converter" to open the downloaded .vmsg file and import it into your message app directory. Use File Explorer to assist you to identify the path to the file downloaded because it would ask you to enter correct path.

    - Notice that the "VMG Converter" by itself is a limited app that only let you transfer like 99 messages I think, $0.99 more will get you the full version that I had no problem imported 35k messages from my Lumia. (I know it sounds crazy that I have 35k texts saved). Will take you A WHILE for the whole thing to convert so let it run in the background or run it over night before you sleep.

    10-12-2015 02:22 AM

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