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    I have been all over various forums and cannot find a simple straightforward non technical jargon answer. All forums have low memory issues - why don’t these phone manufacturers address this or provide simple solutions?
    Under File Manager Sd card storage shows 10.77Gb available out of 14.62Gb
    Phone storage 5.24GB available out of 5.43Gb
    Under settings –
    Phone storage - 60.14MB available out of 0.98GB
    SD card 10.77GB available out of 14.62GB
    Under phone storage Total space 5.43GB Available 5.24Gb
    I’m always clearing Cleared cache data
    I’ve deleted 100’s of text messages
    Everything possible is stored on the SD card
    I’ve even disabled google play and reinstalled as someone else suggested
    There is tons of storage but I can’t update Apps. I only have a handful of Apps downloaded. Music files have disappeared but that was on SD card. Not tons of photos or videos stored .
    Under ‘storage’ I’m always deleting data from Google Play, Maps, Facebook messenger –there seem to have the largest data , as soon as I delete data it reappears but sometimes I can update one App.
    What else do I need to do
    10-07-2015 04:09 AM

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