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    Hi there,

    I'm an old fart who is in the process of being convinced to retire an old (but good!) Palm Centro for a HTC Desire C (I know, old and simple phone, but first I want to make sure I'll like the change of environment).

    The Desire C comes with 1Gb (or so) storage so after testing the waters for a week or so I've decided to get an SD card because it was filling fast. I got the SD card but... It seems like now my problems just started!

    Ok, the vast majority of apps can't be moved to the SD card. I get that, and I kind of get why. But then... what about all the data like contacts, messages, calendar entries, etc.? The reason I kept the Palm for so long was exactly because it's so good with these things.

    I haven't even started using the phone just yet and the "Phone storage" (which has a total of 95Mb (!) is getting full. I haven't even put the SIM card in yet!

    On the palm I had a ton of Memos that I loved, just having info handy. So I've decided the best "counterpart" would be Google Keep which... Of course, can't be installed onto the SD card it seems. Fair enough, but will all the notes be installed into the Internal Storage? Or onto the phone storage? Or what?

    And with all that... What's the use of an SD card? Only for photos/videos/music? The #1 reason I need a smartphone is for *data*, and that's what it seems it's most difficult to use it for!

    Even after googling and reading about these things for days I'm still very confused and lost, and I don't know how to best use the storage space I have available.

    Well, thank you very much for any insights.
    10-07-2015 05:48 AM

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