1. AC Question's Avatar
    Songs i downloaded on my cell (GS-6) i can play. I moved them in files storage so that when i open the Google Music App its listed right along all my other songs from Google Play, no issue there.

    However, i cannot find the songs when i open up Google Play on my Chromebook. I chose "Refresh" on both my cell and the chromebook for google play with NO change.

    Why can i not see the songs on Google Play on my Chromebook?
    10-07-2015 10:24 AM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    They have to be uploaded into Google Music in order to show up on multiple platforms. If you have songs loaded directly onto your device Google Play can see them there -- The Chromebook doesn't have access to your cell phones internal storage.
    10-07-2015 06:45 PM
  3. Shay2081's Avatar
    Almeuit I had to create an account to reply lol.

    This is exactly whats not happening. Google music (web) is not syncing the songs on the cell phone. On my cell, its all good to go, i can play everything, songs i have from google music to songs i downloaded elsewhere. However, when i open up Google Music on my chromebook, it only shows and plays the songs i got from Google music, it doesn't show all my other songs.

    How can i fix this?
    10-08-2015 11:40 AM

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