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    I've looked around a bit and haven't seen anything similar for support yet - but about once a week, my Droid Turbo 64gb randomly will drain about 15% per hour due to the Android OS app; for reference, my top app usage for today (starting at about 8:30 when I unplugged from fully charged) are:

    Android OS 31%
    Avast Mobile Security 8%
    Snapchat 5%
    Screen 5%
    Android System 3%
    Google Services 2%
    Facebook 2%
    Cell Standby 1%

    In a span of 3 hours, my battery has dropped about 60% and remained warm in my pocket the whole time; I had a decent bit of screen time for the first hour, but that's only reflected by a 5% drain, and is reflected in the other apps. Any idea what's causing this? I can usually make it a full day with 3-4 hours on screen time, which is way shorter than I expected anyways, but this is just absurd; in a half hour span today it dropped around 10% without ever touching it, and having location turned off with the phone on airplane mode just to see what the problem might be.
    10-07-2015 10:43 AM

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