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    I have read all the reviews on the Nexus 6 before I ordered one. it was recommended by Google for the Proj Fi, which uses Wifi for calling. I also read that it needs 5.1.1 OS so I updated the device when I received it.

    My carrier is T mobile which has Wifi capability. My son have it on his Samsung edge the feature of selecting the calling mode.

    I called T mobile. T mobile tech support said this is a software that needs to be updated and contact Motorola. I know i have updated my OS to 5.1.1.

    I called Motorola tech support. Motorola said they do made the hardware but not the software. The software has to be thru T mobile and the OS is thru Google. Motorola told me to call T mobile for the software to be push thru.

    I called T mobile again and they said there is no software to push. There is a hardware in the phone that needs to be in my device. The tech said it has to have "UMTS".

    T mobile said it a hardware and Motorola said it is a software and the OS is by Google.

    I know this was a Google product and Motorola manufactured this for Google. And with all the reviewed I read before buying the device. It does not meet the google claim for going WiFi calling. Who can fix this problem? Who really knows more about this phone and claims by all parties

    10-07-2015 02:24 PM

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