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    This phone is from a local brand and its name is Qmobile A300. It turns on and off repeatedly itself i dont get to normal startup the phone restarts when it shows the logo after android symbol. i cant open settings or anything as it wont turn on properly. my other phone has a factory reset option in its recovery mode but this one doesnt. All i know about technical stuff is that this rom, MTK6572_1403021306, works on this phone.
    i am giving options i see in recovery mode as i cant post links.

    Factory Mode
    >Essential item test
    >Tp FW upgrade
    >PCBA test
    >Full Test
    >Item Test
    >Test Report
    >Signaling Test

    (selecting reboot tries to turn phone off and back on normally but same thing happens it keeps rebooting constantly)
    10-09-2015 03:21 AM

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