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    I play Clash of Clans a lot. I love my Note 5, but there is just something missing and I want to know if others notice this. It seems to me the Note 5 screen is to sensitive when it comes to clash of clans. When I try to click on anything I have to be so precise almost like my finger is an S-Pen (which works better with the game then your finger). My problem is when i try to click a building the phone assumes (I'm guessing) that I am trying to do a move command (or a slide command) and does not select the building. I have tons of miss clicks when I am trying to collect gold and elixir. I have to press it sometimes 2 to 3 times just to get it collected. What seems to work if I press the screen for a fraction of a second and barley touch it. This makes the game incredibly hard to play on the Note-5. This game is about timing and you can't be worrying about mis-clicking when an attack counts. Does anyone at all notice this? I have Zero problem on my Samsung Tab 2. I play with this tablet when I am home because it works better then the Note-5. I just would like to know does anyone else notice this? I know I'm not nuts, but it's making me go crazy.

    -Concerned Clasher
    10-09-2015 09:46 AM

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