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    I just built a custom touchscreen controller for a film composer. He wanted a large surface built around Liine Lemur software. I purchased an Acer T232HL Abmjjz 23-Inch touchscreen and a Tronfy Android box. ("2015 Tronfy FULLY LOADED KODI 14.2 (XBMC) MX3 MXIII Google Android 4.4.2 Kitkat 4K TV Box Quad Core Smart Mini PC Internet Miracast DLNA Airplay Wi-Fi")

    I have the system working, but it is too unreliable. Here are the two main issues:

    1. When the machine starts up, the app does not run at the native 1920x1080 resolution, instead defaulting to 960x460. I found an app to fix this, "NOMone resolution changer." But this needs to be run every time the system is restarted. Is this an Android bug, or a problem with the app's programming?

    2. He is seeing some problems such as the app not starting, black screen and not responding to touch, etc. I'd like to swap the Tronfy out for some more reliable hardware. Is there a better solution for this application?

    I'm an Android beginner and feel like I'm hacking this TV box into something it's not suited for. Would a Lollypop system fix the graphics bug? Thank you so much for your time.
    10-09-2015 08:56 PM

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